Trekking Vegas del Chano - Río Blanco - Los Andes

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Disfruta de un trekking con destino a Río Blanco a través de pequeños valles
Cordilleranos in the company of our team and typical muleteers who will be in charge of organizing and preparing
feeding in the middle of a spectacular mountain setting.

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The excursion starts from Santiago heading to the city of Los Andes. (For those who come from
Viña del Mar or Valparaiso, meeting point at Terminal de buses Los Andes) Continue the trip along the international road that leads to Mendoza. We will pass through beautiful mountain landscapes and picturesque towns surrounded by mountains and rivers. Then we arrive at Río Blanco where the trekking begins to Potrero Alto and Vegas del Chano. It is a trek through small mountain valleys in the company of our staff and typical muleteers who will be in charge of organizing and preparing food in the middle of a spectacular mountain setting.

DAY 1 Departure to Río Blanco, a town located 1,250 meters inland from the Andes.
The Trekking begins on an old dirt road where you will slowly gain height and then take a trail that will lead us through estuaries and some forests of Quillayes and Maitenes. The route will take us along a path of low vegetation and typical of the high Andean area. The sensation of height will be impressive since the landscape becomes very Andean and beautiful. Slowly the vegetation will be left behind and the spectacular Andes mountain range will emerge. After 7 hours we will have arrived at Las Vegas del Chano, located at 2,600 meters of altitude. In this beautiful plain of green pastures, we will set up our camp. Night in tent, barbecue and bonfire.

DAY 2 Departure at 9.30 am to the Aconcagua viewpoint located at 3,200 meters of altitude. The trail will enter a narrow mountain valley, full of steps and scenic surprises. The contiguous mountains of 4,000 meters of altitude will be appreciated every time and with greater enhancement. (Espinazo del Diablo 3,200 mts, Alto de Los Leones, 5,800 mts, Yeguas Heladas. 5000 mts) We will walk along paths with little vegetation. At around 12.00 in the morning we will arrive at the Aconcagua viewpoint. Suddenly a spectacular window will open to us where the mountain range frame will leave us perplexed by so much Andean beauty. . After taking the necessary photos, we will return to the base camp by the same route. Dinner at 6 pm and camp.

DAY 3 After a hearty breakfast, we will fix our equipment, the mules will be loaded to start the return at 10 am. The landscapes this time will change despite the fact that we will travel through the same tracks on the way. However, the perspective will be different and it will not cease to amaze us continuously. Return to Río Blanco 16.00 hrs. You will arrive in Santiago at 7:00 p.m.


Guide and Cook, Horseman and helper, Pack Animals, Collation and Camping Equipment and


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